A Videogum Poll: Who Is Secretly A Big Jerk?

I saw a picture of Audrey Tatou this morning because she’s in a new music video or something, and for a second I wondered if secretly she is a jerk. I’m not saying that Audrey Tatou is a jerk, I’m just saying WHAT IF she is a jerk? She could be a jerk! Who knows! The only reason this is even interesting, of course, is because obviously Audrey Tatou’s entire career is built on the perception of her as a Gentle Fairy Waif from Planet Sweetheart, or whatever. But what if THE OPPOSITE WERE TRUE? (Fact: most things that are interesting or curious are just opposites of something else.)

Well, naturally that got me thinking about all kinds of people who seem pretty nice but could secretly be jerks for all we know. Since we don’t really have any evidence to go on, this is all purely speculative, but the march of progress cannot be stopped, and as they always say, science will have its pound of flesh (huh?) so after the jump, a super meaningful and irrefutable poll of who we think is secretly a big jerk based on absolutely nothing whatsoever. I guess something about their face, maybe?

It’s entirely possible that none of these people are secretly jerks, of course, but the point of this poll is too determine who we think is secretly a jerk. So. What an interesting and, mostly importantly, NECESSARY poll.