Saturday Night Live: Even Ashton Kutcher Cannot Stop This Roll

At this point, it is clear that the season of Saturday Night Live is coming together. The cast and writers are really cooking with the gas now. Case in point, this weekend’s episode when Ashton Kutcher hosted for some reason and yet the show was not terrible. Not at all! In fact, the show had lots of great moments. I’m not saying this was a Charles Barkley triumph, or a Jon Hamm knock-out, but you are already working at quite a deficit when your host is a sentient Von Dutch hat best known for having a cougar wife and a Twitter account (they’ll give those things out to anyone these days). Sidebar: why is Ashton Kutcher not only so comfortable hanging out with Demi Moore’s ex-husband, Bruce WIllis, all the time, but also so comfortable telling everyone about it as if America will find this normal? They could probably have cut the Oscar nominations sketch and just done a Q&A with Ashton about how weird his life is. I am sure it would be hilarious.

Anyway, some highlights from the show:

Probably my favorite sketch of the evening, personally, was the Roman grape-lover sketch. Admittedly, the whole thing kind of relies on how amused you are by funny voices, but it turns out that I am VERY AMUSED by funny voices ooh-wooh-wooh-wooh. But that is just me. Judge for yourself!

Although, the most “satisfying” sketch of the night, if what you are looking for is satisfaction, was Andy Samberg’s Rahm Emanuel impersonation, which is not to be confused with Andy Samberg’s Mark Wahlberg impersonation, no matter how similar they might sound:

A sketch that I am not convinced was entirely successful in its final execution, but which is one of the funnier premises I have seen in awhile, was the game show called What Is Burn Notice? What is it?! No one knows!

I have said it before and I will say it again for as long as it is a true thing and therefore worth repeating, but Weekend Update has been really good this year. Seth Meyers is holding it down, and the segment always has some of the funniest moments of any episode. This week featured the return of Garth and Kat:

And Elliot Sptizer:

It is not always amusing when people break character and cannot keep a straight face during sketches because it does take you out of the moment and directs the focus on the performer as an individual rather than a character (Sketch Skool 101 is now in session), but I did love how EVERYONE was breaking character and NO ONE could keep a straight face during Weekend Update. We’re just pals! Havin’ fun!

This week’s musical guest, of course, was Them Crooked Vultures, a supergroup of Dave Grohl and, you know, some other dudes. Here they are playing a song called “Mind Eraser.”

Dave Grohl also appeared in this very special (and very great) Saturday Night Live tribute to hardcore:

I bet Corrosion of Conformity fans were just losing their shit watching this. Just losing their shit completely.

Also, this sketch featuring a cameo from fellow Twitter-enthusiast Questlove did not air during the episode, but it is now on-line:


Feb. 27: host Jennifer Lopez with musical guest Jennifer Lopez. Huh. Looks like Lorne Michaels finally completed work on that time machine! 2002 here we come!