Worlds Been Had Colliding: Snooki And Phoenix Edition

Worlds collide all the time. One time I was at a party and the girl who played Wiener Dog from Welcome to the Dollhouse was there (not showing off). I dropped a glass of wine near her feet and it broke and she left almost immediately. Pretty cool, whatever. My point is, it’s not INSANE that Snooki interviewed Phoenix at the Grammys. If there are six degrees of separation between Will Smith and Stockard Channing, then there can’t be more than two degrees of separation between Snooki and Laurent Brancowitz. And while some people have made a bit of a fuss over the fact that she asks them if they have Guidos and Guidettes in France, I am just surprised that she knows they are from France in the first place, and also what France is.

Say what you will, Snooks is 10 times the interviewer that Billy Bush is. Someone needs to send that dude to the Phantom Zone to think about what he has done.