Duh Aficionado Magazine: R. Kelly Is A Lunatic

Every month, Duh Aficionado magazine has at least one feature-length article about how R. Kelly is a lunatic, duh. This month, upon the release of his song “Echo,” R. Kelly appears to have stirred up some controversy, or at least to believe that he has stirred up some controversy, with his use of yodeling in the song. Sure. Very controversial. If you look up “controversy” in the dictionary, I am sure there is a photo of R. Kelly standing on a mountain with an alphorn in one hand and a teenage girl in the other. But, so, in light of this FIRESTORM surrounding the yodeling in his song, R. Kelly this week has started posting short videos on-line that are directed to random, individual members of Twitter? Responding to their questions and concerns? I mean, no offense to @sierracandia, @Jonebek, @cadieparanoia, @keltron8500, and @braidedgirl, I am sure they are genuinely confused and upset, but R. Kelly is taking what could only be considered mild criticism pretty hard. Let’s put it this way: he is working much harder to respond to questions and concerns over the yodeling in his song “Echo” than he ever did to the questions and concerns over his history of urinating on underage women. For public figures, it is important to get out front and “control the story” but this story?

Haters will hate, R. Kelly! And you are mentally ill! You should get out of that armchair and into a brain hospital!