Open Your Lazer Eyes, Sheeple

This is just a very solid political ad. It really gets to the issues Californians are facing in the next election, especially around 2:26:

You have been putting that sheep up on the CGI dildo pedestal for too long, California! But now the hilarious lightning has knocked him back down to Earth. Because maybe he is not a sheep after all (sheep are the best?) maybe he is in fact a fumbling human being wearing a terrifying “sheep” costume that his mom made for him! Maybe he has Christmas lights for eyes, and he likes to pretend to drink from a stream but he is not really drinking from a stream, he is actually just waiting behind a tree for his chance to…EAT CALIFORNIA?! OR SOMETHING I’M NOT SURE HOW THIS METAPHOR WORKS?!

Obviously, there are a lot of great things about this campaign ad, but my favorite part is the very end, after all of the Nightmare Man Sheep stuff, when the ad is just like “maybe California needs someone else? Could be anyone! There is no way to know who we are talking about. Are they behind this door? Who is that man talking to? The point is, it would be great if there was someone super good to elect.” What a sharp political ad. Almost makes you wish that you were living in California right now, just so you could vote against BOTH of these bozos. (Thanks for the tip, @lindsayism and Maura.)