Die Antwoord Is “Fake,” And So What?

Just before lunch (Yum! Lunch!), we received the following email:

Just got word, after circulating the link around my music publicity office, that Die Antwoord is basically Da Ali G of South Africa. All fake, skewering the movement of middle class kids with apartheid supporting parents becoming Afrikaner posers, basically.

And then, just after lunch (Remember lunch?! The best!) we got another email from another tipster that included a bunch of links to previous videos (which you can see for yourself after the jump) from the Die Antwoord guys in which they appear to basically be the Williamsburgs of South Africa or whatever. So, as quickly as they came into our lives, Die Antwoord appear to be on their way out, due to their being fake.

Except a) who cares, and b) what fake?

Nothing about Die Antwoord ever really suggested that they WEREN’T art school drop-outs with a half-finished thesis paper on post-Weimar Republic performance art. Dude was wearing Dark Side of the Moon boxers for goodness’ sake, and the girl had on a t-shirt that probably cost 599.419 South African Rand. If you looked at their website, which is beautiful and interesting, they give a shout out to their HAIR STYLIST. The “Ninja” video was a Keith Haring nightmare.

I am just saying: let us not turn our backs on Die Antwoord. Not now. I’m sure for some reason everyone would have liked it better if they were actually borderline mentally-retarded Poor Children from Ghettos covered in Generic Cheetoes Dust and Meth Crumbs or whatever, but none of these new revelations makes what they are doing any less great.

We all agreed that we should give them whatever they want, and I maintain that that is still the smart thing to do. It was always “give them whatever they want because what they are doing is great,” not “give them whatever they want unless I find out that they are not actually addicted to Jenkem in attempt to escape from their abject misery.” The joy that we felt at discovering them was unapproachable, and nothing can take that away from us.

This guy knows what I’m talking about:

Die Antwoord! Why? Because FOREVER!!!! (Thanks for the tips, Debbie and Adam. Haters photo via DailyWhat.)