Everything About I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant Is Depressing

Obviously, the Discovery Channel show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, which as the title suggests is about real-life women who somehow did not know they were pregnant until the baby was born, is depressing. The name is depressing. The subject matter is depressing. The show itself is hilarious and bonkers and depressing. What the show says about us is depressing. The fact that it’s on the Discovery Channel, which I swear used to be about, like, whales, and who invented pepper, is depressing. So, it is unsurprising that the call sheets for actors to portray women who didn’t know they were pregnant in the show’s Dramatic Re-enactments are very, very depressing:

Click to enlarge.

The caveat that actors who have already been on the show should refrain from submitting again is fair, because you shouldn’t HOG THE PAINFULLY STUPID PREGNANT WOMAN RE-ENACTOR LIMELIGHT, but I hope that they bend the rules for 15-day-old babies, because the talented young woman who played newborn baby Shar Howard would be perfect for the role of newborn baby Tiana Marie. (Gross. Barf. This baby bottle is filled with Brawndo!) (Via @morgan_murphy.)