This Is Your Banker: Australian Porno Banker

You’ve always found it inappropriate how whenever you told your banker that you wanted to make a deposit, he would giggle and say “YOU AND ME, BOTH, BROTHER.” And you have always thought that it was a sign of incredible immaturity that your banker could not perform the simplest of transactions without slipping in some kind of testicle-related pun, like, “I think you should expand your portfolio into some CDees nuts.” But after seeing this broadcast on the evening news, it is both clear why your banker is always talking about dicks and boobs, and it is also clear why he is your banker. Because even with television cameras rolling behind him, and a man holding a conversation in front of him, he remains focused and determined (to see more dicks and boobs). Go get them (dicks and boobs), KILLER. (Thanks for the tip, Michael.)