2010 Grammy Awards FunTown Photo Gallery

I didn’t really watch the Grammys last night. I poked in and out. (Nullus.) It’s really more of a Stereogum thing. (Or is it?) It just seems like out of all the awards shows, none is more out of touch with the culture that it purports to celebrate and more deeply in the pocket of THE MAN than the Grammys. (Real music fans were probably watching Coldplay’s cameo on The Simpsons.) So, I watched Lady Gaga’s opening number, and I saw the Michael Jackson tribute, and Jamie Foxx’s homage to “opera.” But for the most part I stayed out of it. I’m sure Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech was really stirring. I’m sure that the Black Eyed Peas performance of “Barf Barf Pow” reminded everyone that these are just incredible artists at the top of their game who should never ever stop making music.

In any case, I love looking at photos as much as anyone, so here is a FunTown 2010 Grammy Awards photo gallery. And if you actually managed to sit through this thing, please feel free to tell everyone how it went. Awesome and not incredibly boring and kind of disheartening, I’m sure.