Saturday Night Live: Hamming It Up! (Get It?)

As we all know, Charles Barkley hosted the best episode of Saturday Night Live of the season, and it is going to be pretty hard to take that title away from him. To do so would require a perfect storm of crackerjack writing, a carefree cast, and if the host is illiterate that doesn’t hurt (apparently!). But Jon Hamm did great this weekend, so you can relax now, ladies. I know how nervous all of you ladies were that your ManCrunch would January Johnoes it up all over the place, but he didn’t. (No one was actually worried about that.) In fact, I am completely confident in declaring this to be The Second Best Episode of the Season. Is this our nation’s highest honor? Maybe. There is no way to know. But let’s go to the highlight reel:

The opening State of the Union sketch was boring and too long, but what is Saturday Night Live going to do? Not have a State of the Union sketch? Get real! It’s 2010! You gotta have a State of the Union sketch! It doesn’t matter though, because Jon Hamm’s monologue more than made up for it. The monologue wasn’t just better than some other monologues, or good, it was an actual sketch, and it made me laugh!

And from there things just got rolling. The 1920s dance party sketch was perfectly decent and charming!

And the advertisement for a clothing organizer was just solid, classic Saturday Night Live material, but the kicker was when they brought him back at the end of the episode for a call-back sketch. Complex comedy structures! What is this, an episode of Mr. Show?! LOL.

Speaking of comedy structures, it is funny how the Internet has become such a wellspring of sketch comedy to the point where sketch comedy in traditional media starts to seem like it was made for the Internet. Obviously, Digital Shorts do this every week, but even this Barnes and Noble sketch basically seemed like a Funny or Die video or something:

But the evening’s signature sketch must have been Hamm and Buble.

It is sort of odd how both times that Jon Hamm has hosted, the most popular joke of the evening is just that his last name is a type of food. Whatever. Farts and butts. Nothing changes.

Other highlights of the episode that I did not bother posting here were Weekend Update, which was strong this week, and had a good Snooki impersonation played by a construction cone. And although I am sure some people disagree with me, I always enjoy Game Time with Randy and Greg. Oh, and Robert Byrd’s fantasy about Scott Brown was the best. Like I said, a very solid episode. It was no Charles Barkley episode, but we can’t all be Borderline Retarded Living Legends.