CBS Refuses To Run An Ad For A Gay Dating Website During The Super Bowl, And It Turns Out They Are Kind Of Right

An on-line dating website for homosexual men attempted to purchase advertising during the Super Bowl, whatever that is, which is airing this year on CBS. The network considered running the ad, but eventually turned’s request down (if “request” is really the right word for a business transaction worth millions of dollars). It is an OUTRAGE! MAYBE! BUT ALSO MAYBE NOT! From the HuffingtonPost:

CBS has rejected an ad from gay dating site ManCrunch, telling the site that the ad “is not within the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday.” James Hibberd reports at The Live Feed.

CBS released the following statement:

“After reviewing the ad – which is entirely commercial in nature – our Standards and Practices department decided not to accept this particular spot. As always, we are open to working with the client on alternative submissions.”

Hibberd reports that CBS believed ManCrunch was trying to generate free publicity by submitting an ad that was likely to be rejected.

OK, well, a few things about this:

First of all, relax, CBS. Either take the company’s millions of dollars or don’t, but there is no reason for you to act the DIVA with all this talk of free publicity stunts. I’m also pretty sure that the founders and customers of have paid a hefty price multiple times over for any publicity they get through the systematic and legislated persecution of homosexuality. So again, relax. And shut up.

On the other hand, what on Earth is this ad?! (Via WarmingGlow):

Maybe CBS decided not to air the ad NOT because they were concerned with upsetting their more conservative viewers, but because they have a strict Anti-Self-Loathing policy. I mean, this ad is borderline homophobic. This ad’s catchprhase is “It is hilarious and gross when guys kiss each other and it makes your friends deeply uncomfortable. Mancrunch.” I would be first in line to picket outside CBS headquarters post a photo gallery of people picketing outside CBS headquarters in response to this moral outrage, but this ad is just lame.

A rare miss,