American Dunkleman!

Brian Dunkleman! Remember him! He co-hosted the first season (and as far as I am concerned, the ONLY season) of American Idol with Ryan Seacrest. And then he disappeared. Forever. Banished to some kind of Post-Fame Hellscape, like the sad, barren, Phanton Zone in the 1984 film adaptation of Supergirl, only to reappear every few years as a casually tossed-off punchline to some stomach-churning update on how many millions of dollars Ryan Seacrest will be paid next year just for SLEEPING, or whatever. That is until now! THE DUNK IS BACK. Good catchphrase! Anyway, Brian Dunkleman is apparently making some kind of “scripted comedy series” (they make a big point on the website about it being scripted, because that is what is most important and appealing to AMERICA).

It is still impossible to tell where or if this show will air, or if this is even a real show, but there is a very real trailer after the jump:

Admittedly, this trailer has been around for awhile, but all the more reason to keep talking about it. Brian Dunkleman already made the mistake of walking away from American Idol, so I hope he sticks with this show! I would hate to see him walk way from a show about walking away from American Idol. I would just hate that. P.S. this show is almost TOO scripted! (Thanks for the tip, Max.)