Apple iPad Open Thread

Admittedly, this barely has anything to do the Real Housewives of Dallas or videos of foxes jumping on trampolines, but it’s all anybody is talking about right now, so we might as well talk about it here. (And if the boss asks, you can watch movies and videos on this thing, just like you can watch movies and videos on the WiFi-enabled computers at the public library with the rest of the BUMS.) Personally, I have one word for the Apple iPad: UNIMPRESSED. I already have an iPhone, and it is a piece of crap. And not once in all of my time of having it did I ever wish that it was just a bunch bigger and more breakable. “You can read books on it.” You know where else I can read books? On books. Now, if the Apple iPad was $45, and the point was just that Steve Jobs felt like we deserved it, then I would be blogging a different tune. But unfortunately, my quarterly budget for fragile toys that already seem woefully obsolete is all spent, and spent well, I might add. Also:

#SJLIM (Steve Jobs’s Life Is MadTV, thanks for the tip, JCA).