Larry The Cable Guy Getting A New Show. On The History Channel?

I know that this world was not made for us, or whatever, but it would be nice if the world didn’t work so hard to remind us of that fact on a daily basis. Come on, world! Give us something that is reasonable and makes sense, and doesn’t make you seem like a barren hellscape completely devoid of rationality From Reuters:

History is partnering with “Blue Collar Comedy” star Larry the Cable Guy for a new series set to premiere this year.

In “Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy” (working title), Larry explores the country, immersing himself in different lifestyles, jobs and hobbies that “celebrate the American experience,” the cable channel said.

Huh? “It’s gonna be like Guy Fieri Road Show but without all that sauce!” Yuck.

You can’t begrudge Larry the Cable Guy his success. Like the Danes Cook and the Jeffs Dunham of the world, he didn’t write himself a check for a billion dollars. His fame and fortune are both predicated on a sizable audience that enjoys what he does, which is pandering regressive faux-populist nonsense. Although to be fair to Larry the Cable Guy, he is as salt of the Earth as you can get when you are a multi-millionaire with a made up name. He is our generation’s Joe the Plumber.

So who better to get out there and ask the difficult questions! Like “which color is your favorite, red, white, or blue?” Herstory!

Whatever. Do what you want, History Channel. I suppose all this means is that I will continue to not watch you. Although, if Larry the Cable Guy has a show on your network, it should clearly be called Got ‘Er Done. A rare miss, History Channel. A rare miss.