That’s Your Host Of Mad Money: Crazy Cash Ron

Look out, Jim Cramer. There is a new borderline-insane baldhead with the pro finance tips we need to make our way through these difficult economic times. And the best part about Ron Frye is that he never admitted to manipulating the stock market in order to become a multi-millionaire as a crooked hedge fund manager, or misused his position as a television host to give historically disastrous advice. Dude is just a real guy like you or me, with a Tumblr account and an extraordinary understanding of modern finance and what it takes to be a father.

Of course, he could just be an actor playing a Tim and Eric style character as part of an elaborate on-line ruse created by the talented ladies at [redacted], but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still very funny, Jim Cramer is an asshole and a thief, and that we should all tip when we eat at the buffet. I am moving this video up from a SELL to a DO NOT BUY!