Citizen Marketing: Edge Of Darkness

Citizen Marketing is where we catalog our favorite baby-Banksy agit-prop defacements of public advertising campaigns. Please send your own Citizen Marketing to [email protected]. THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TUMBLR’D!

It has been almost a year since the last Citizen Marketing, and that was the only Citizen Marketing for all of 2009. Come on, 2010, we can do better! More criminal destruction of private property! (If writing that in any way opens me up to charges of aiding, abetting, or inciting illegal activity then I am JUST KIDDING!) I like this one because it’s not too ambitious. It just makes its case–that Mel Gibson is a holocaust denier–and it gets on with its day. As we all must. What are we going to do, stand around all day and talk about Mel Gibson’s insane political beliefs? The man is an alcoholic monster with a serious case of Old Face. Let’s just get on with it. (Via BestWeekEver.)