A Round Up Of Positive Reviews Of Tooth Fairy

Well, the day has finally come. Dwayne Johnson’s The Tooth Fairy is IN THEATERS NOW. It’s hard to believe that the months of sweaty, borderline-painful anticipation are over. The film currently has an 18% on Rotten Tomatoes. Pretty impressive! The Spy Next Door only has 8% right now. IN YOUR FACE, SPY NEXT DOOR! Just check out some of these glowing reviews coming in:

Michael O’Sullivan at the Washington Post:

One of the film’s charms is the way it carries childhood mythology to its logical, if absurd extreme.

It definitely does that! Even the miserable soursports who are giving this joyful movie negative reviews would have to admit that it carries childhood mythology to an absurd extreme. That is just a FACT.

Matthew Razak at

I’ll be damned if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson isn’t the greatest deliverer of puns since Jack Nicholson’s Joker.

PAH! Did you hear that Jack Nicholson?! Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale YA BURNT light? Move over Grandpa Hall of Fame. Our generation has a new Greatest Actor, probably.

Kevin McCarthy at Kevin’s Movie Reviews

It pains me to say that I actually enjoyed watching this film. Yes, it is sappy, cliche and unbelievably predictable but The Rock’s character is so likable and funny.

Pains you? Why? You should be proud! You have great taste and you’re not afraid to tell the whole world!

Nell Minow at Beliefnet

Once again, the fun is seeing Johnson playing an arrogant jock who is schooled by just about everyone.

So fun. The funnest?

Linda Barnard at Toronto Star

Kids won’t mind any of The Tooth Fairy’s flaws and will find the sight of burly Johnson in a pink tutu hilarious. Parents get a couple of clever gags that will make them forgive the filmmakers. And if we all remember to floss, everybody wins.

I get it. Flossing, because TEETH.

Obviously, we are all going to want to form our own opinions about Dwayne Johnson’s The Tooth Fairy, when we all see it tonight, although some of us might have to wait until our third or fourth viewing to really gather our thoughts. But it’s just nice to see that there are still some people out there with terrible taste!