When You Wrestle With The Ginger, You’re Gonna Get Wet With Lawyers

He’s back, and he has a message for the haterz. NSFW language, guys, so headphones UP.

You (still) mad! My favorite thing* about these videos is that I haven’t really seen any of the things that he’s responding to, so I just have to imagine them, and they are always hilarious. Like, based on this video, someone told him that he was not allowed to make any more videos because he did not have the legal right to make videos, because of the FACT that people with red hair have no rights. And at first he got a little worried, but then he Googled “law” and figured out what was what. He would like to see you try to stop him from making videos in a court of American Law. OBJECTION! And I hope you are listening, black, Mexican, and Chinese people. You have had a free ride for too long. It is time to stop your subjugation of people who are different than you. ERACISM! BUT FOR HAIR COLOR!

*My least favorite thing about these videos is that this kid seems to be having a genuinely hard time of it, which is always sad news, because being a kid is hard enough as it is without people on YouTube calling you a faggot because of your hair color (?) or whatever. And I hope that things get better for him soon. That being said, aren’t kids supposed to be really computer savvy? And as such, shouldn’t he realize that posting videos on YouTube asking people to stop being mean to you is literally the single best way in the history of ways to have people keep being so so mean 2 u 4ever?