Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?

[In this feature, we periodically check in to see what is up with Topher Grace.]

Last night, of course, Republican candidate Scott Brown defeated Democratic candidate Martha Coakley in a special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat representing the state of Massachusetts, and boy are people upset! Of course, the results of this election are striking for a number of reasons. Massachusetts is a Democratic-leaning state, with a Democratic governor, a Democratic senator (formerly two Democratic senators), and the seat in question was a Kennedy dynasty for more than 50 years. The election marks a shift of power, as the Democrats in the Senate lose their filibuster-proof majority, calling into question the future of health care reform and an number of other Democratic initiatives. But that is just the way it goes. I mean, the thing that this country does best of all is impatiently flop around willy-nilly. If I remember my high school history class, Martha Washington originally sewed the words “Land of the Nervous Chuckleheads” on the first American flag until George made her pull the stitching out with her wooden fingers. (I’m almost positive that I have that right.) It’s a disappointment to some, a victory to others, and business as usual to all. What are you going to do, cry about it? There’s no crying in voteball.

The only thing more reliable than the impetuous dissatisfaction of the American voter is Videogum’s delivery of Topher Grace News.

So, we know what is up with Massachusetts (kind of), but what is up with Topher Grace?

Uh, what ISN’T up with Topher Grace. This week, of course, was the 3rd annual Art of Elysium black tie “Heaven” charity gala, whatever that even means. Seriously, every website that reported on the 3rd annual Art of Elysium black tie “Heaven” charity gala acted like, duh, everyone knows about the 3rd annual Art of Elysium black tie “Heaven” charity gala. And I don’t want to look dumb, so I will just pretend like I know what that is. Oh, OF COURSE, the 3rd annual Art of Elysium black tie “Heaven” charity gala. Those guys are doing some really important work. For heaven. JustJared published this photo of the Notorious TJG with Rachel Bilson:

Looking good, guys! And here’s Topher with Amy Smart, from the website

Very, very neat. But it was only Hollywood Heroes MSN.Wonderwall that actually caught up with an actor who I am sure I would be friends with if I ever got to meet him in real life, I just really get that sense, have you ever felt that way?, who had this to say:

Kirsten’s former leading “Spiderman,” Topher Grace also gave her props, saying, “A lot of actors pay a lot of lip service to different charities because it kind of looks cool.

“[But] I remember when we did ‘Spiderman’ together, Kirsten was bringing kids on the set and auctioning off props to raise money for them. She is fantastic and really involved and has a caring spirit.”

I have one word for you: gentleman. And that word is tattooed above my heart, just below the tattoo of Topher Grace’s awesome face.

Meanwhile, this week was the Golden Globes! And you know it wouldn’t be the Golden Globes without celebrity, philanthropist, and star, Topher Grace. Before the awards were even handed out, a blog called GlamChic (very cool blog) got an inside look at the hottest pre-party, the New York Times Style Magazine party. DOPE:

Things are really heating up in Hollywood as the Pre-Golden Globe celebrations commence and Friday night boasted the most sizzling bash of all. T: The New York Times Style Magazine hosted a smoking soiree atop the Chateau Marmont and the industry’s best turned out in full force.

Tom Ford and Julianne Moore made an entrance arm in arm, Diane Kruger and the cast of Inglorious Bastards celebrated their win at the Critics’ Choice Awards, and Zoe Saldana accepted accolades on the worldwide Avatar obsession. Jared Leto, Anna Kendrick, Adam Lambert, Topher Grace, Shirley MacLaine, Monet Mazur, BJ Novack, Lindsay Price, Chase Crawford, and Jason Siegel were all there too.

Shirley MacLaine and Topher Grace in the same room? DOCTOR, GET THE ELECTRONIC HEART PADDLES. But the fun didn’t stop there. Topher was also in attendance at some Golden Globes AFTER-parties. Reports the Canadian Press:

At the Instyle Magazine soiree, Topher Grace stopped to chat with Lindsay Lohan, who had set photographers’ cameras to flashing upon her arrival. A few feet away, U2’s The Edge held court.

Apparently, we should all start ordering our news in addition to OUR MEDICINE from Canada. I am sorry to get so political today, but seriously, American News, GET UP.

But it is not just hanging out and helping…heaven…for Doctor Grace. He is also busy! At work! In Movie Town! Of course, filming has already wrapped on Valentine’s Day (in theaters February 12th), but PopSugar is holding a contest to win a screening of the movie in your hometown! You probably live somewhere shitty with no important moviestars in it at all! Well now is your chance to pretend that isn’t true by going to see a movie! All you have to do is answer five simple photo-related questions that look like this:

It’s trickier than it looks (probably), but if you win, you will save upwards of 10 dollars on the ticket price alone. So.

Meanwhile, the first set photos of the upcoming Predators reboot have leaked on-line, and there is even one of a partially obscured Topher “Predators” Grace, from EmpireMovies:

I hope that blood is a Predator’s blood that Topher Grace injured and/or fatally injured with his bare hands. Obviously, as the hero of the movie, he can’t die, so I don’t even know what I am worried about.

Speaking of heroes, with the news this week that Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire were dropping out of the Spider-Man franchise, Entertainment Weekly put together a list of 19 actors who could play Peter Parker, and guess who came in at #11!!!! You guessed it right, if you guessed Topher Grace! Personally, I would have preferred he be in the Top 10, but I do think that he got points off for already starring in (and dying, boo!) a Spider-Man movie. And in any case, he is still ahead of Matthew Bomer (whoever that is) and Jensen Ackles (whoever that is) and Zoe Saldana. IN YOUR FACE, Zoe Saldana.

Now, I don’t think that the twitterTopher Grace Twitter account is real, because as we all know, when a celebrity has a Twitter Account, it is called a Verified Twitter Account. That’s how you know that you are getting the REAL SCOOP straight from the AWESOME MOUTH. But even if the Topher Grace Twitter account is fake, even the fake Topher Grace is still doing important work:

Even a Topher Grace impersonator can’t help but do the right thing.

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication

There you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips to [email protected]. See you next time! (Thanks for the tips, Clara, Michelle, Lily, Edith, Hannah, and Molly!)