The Big Bang Theory Minus The Laugh-Track Is All The Same To Me

I’ve never watched an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Without ever having seen it, The Big Bang Theory–and admittedly, this is based on almost no real evidence, it is just a feeling–looks like it picks up where Boy Meets World left off. And maybe it’s just me, but I never thought at any point in my life, “Hey, you know what I’m curious about? How Topanga’s internship at that law firm turned out!” Again, I have no idea whether or not The Big Bang Theory is actually a continuation of Boy Meets World or not. As far as I know, it could be a reality TV show about who is the next best applied physics theorist. (Boo! Lasagna!)

In ANY CASE, this clip from the show in which the laugh track has been removed is as much of The Big Bang Theory as I have ever and will ever watch, but I feel completely satisfied by my experience:

The weirdest thing about this clip is actually NOT the eerie pregnant pauses where the laugh track used to be, it is trying to guess what is actually supposed to be a “joke” that people would laugh at in the first place. (Via Vulture.)