Be Good Johnny Weir Is About What Exactly?

Uh, what? What is this show? I don’t even mean the usual questions, like who is this show for or who would want a show like this or what kind of world do we live in where this show is considered entertainment and we are thought to be people interested in such a thing. I mean WHAT IS THIS SHOW EVEN ABOUT? Based on this trailer, it is going to be a half hour of Johnny Weir figure skating through a commercial for Target and dropping super-gay bon mots taken from the Queer Eye cutting room floor circa 2003. My guess is that Christian Siriano will make a guest appearance during sweeps week and they’ll have a Hot Mess Off. “You are the hottest mess, goodnight.” I do love the foley artist “paparazzi sound effects” at the end. Nothing says “this show is going to be very high quality, extremely intelligent, and incredibly interesting” like overdubbed foley artist paparazzi sound effects. (Thanks for the tip, Richard.)