Saturday Night Live: Sigourney Weaver Is Taller Than Most Women

We should all be so lucky as to be like Sigourney Weaver when we are Sigourney Weaver’s age (103). She’s currently starring in one of the most successful movies of all time, and she looks great for her life-stage. Sure, on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, there was a gentle air of being overly-excited to be invited out of the house about her, but we’re all going to get that air. It comes from reaching an age where you are never invited out of the house. It’s not really Sigourney’s fault. Good for her! Out of the house! On a Saturday night, no less! I am sure the attending nurses were extra enthusiastic about brushing her hair and laying out comfortable, unrestrictive clothing (no chapping!). I make jokes about Sigourney Weaver’s age to cover up my own mortal fear of becoming an irrelevant, sickly, disintegrating husk. We have no choice in these things!

Anyway, the episode was literally, “OK.” Lots of completely passable sketches:

In the cold open, a Larry King sketch discussed the Conan/Leno feud. Topical!

There was another Conan/Leno segment during “Weekend Update.” In both cases, the show was even-handed and seemed to take virtually no position either way. Fair enough. I can imagine that working on a late night comedy show on NBC is not the best critical vantage point from which to lob your Truth Bombs. But that is the thing about Tepid Non-Confrontational Bombs is that they tend to FALL FLAT.

There was a new episode of Laser Cats:

Personally, I like my Laser Cats pure, which is to say enjoyed on their own, unique merits without the interference of a talented but somewhat megalomaniacal science-fiction/fantasy adventure director. But that is just me.

The episode introduced us to a new recurring character, Riley:

It’s like if Joy Behar was a little boy! Just imagine! This is a funny recurring character, though. I look forward to it recurring.

And I am not sure how funny this sketch in which Sigourney obsesses over Internet commenters is in practice, but obviously the idea behind it is a hilarious Idea that I hope never gets old as the fabric of the Internet is ever more closely woven with the pattern of our lives (whoa, WHAT?).


Oh, and the musical guest was the Ting Tings, but being quite close to Sigourney Weaver’s age myself, I obviously have no idea who they are, and it all sounds like noise to me.

Benny Goodman would have never worn an outfit like that when he was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Whoops, I just broke my hip. Care for a butterscotch?