2010 Golden Globes Video Pizza Party

Ah, the Golden Globes. Hollywood’s most cherished and respectable awards show. Wait, no. What are the Golden Globes again? Oh right, it is a sham contest set up by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, whatever THAT is, that has been derided and ridiculed for years as a pointless opportunity for celebrities to get drunk, because if there is one thing that celebrities lack, it is opportunities for drinking alcohol. They almost never get to have any, so it is a very special night.I guess the Golden Globes are supposed to indicate who might win the Oscar, but it’s not really very accurate, and also who cares? I mean, who cares about having a slightly better idea of who may or may not get a different award two months from now? Anyway, here we are! This year’s Golden Globes are the first ever to feature a host, and that host is Ricky Gervais, star of 2008’s Ghost Town. Oh neat! And everyone on the red carpet is wearing ribbons in honor of Haiti (UGH), so tonight is going to be very POWERFUL and MEANINGFUL, I’m sure. We will be providing up-to-the-minute coverage (the definition of “coverage” is stupid jokes about how dumb people’s faces look, right? Journalism!) on the Videogum Twitter feed, and feel free to make your own “coverage” with your fellow monsters right here in the comments!