Let Us Not Forget The Important Work Of George Lopez

With all of the attention being paid to the Conan/Leno fiasco, people have been ignoring the important work of George Lopez, namely his attempts to determine who is blacker, Snoop Dogg, or Charles Barkley, in a “Black Off,” whatever THAT is. Anyway, the results are in, and you might be surprised (by how much worse Lopez Tonight is than you would have even dared imagine).

Oh shoot! I meant to warn you guys. Yeah, we all have to go to Race Jail now. I really should have told you before you watched the video. Oh well, he/she’s all yours, Warden!

What on Earth is this segment? Why does the audience applaud that Snoop has no Asian ancestry? And why do they really applaud when he is 6% European? What does it even mean that “everyone thinks [Snoop is] blacker than Charles Barkley”? And why does Snoop respond “I hope so!”? Why do you hope so? So many questions! What is in George Lopez’s hatch?! The only thing I am not confused about is why Charles Barkley calls himself “the Notorious DNA” at the end. He does that because he is borderline retarded. (Thanks for the tip, Max.)