Thursday Night TV Open Thread: 2010 Edition

They are back! Our old pals! Well, some of them. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and newcomer The League have both gone on hiatus, although the Dick Towel is now available in “black.” And there was no The Office last night, but instead there were two 30 Rocks? Program scheduling is hard! You guys, isn’t it crazy how the same network that is responsible for some of the best comedy programming available today is also responsible for the late night melt-down? Not really, probably. If you think about it, it probably makes total sense. Anyway, I am not going to lie to you: I only watched 30 Rock(s) last night. Later, I will watch Parks and Recreation and Community, you know, to TREAT myself. But 30 Rock was pretty great. Lots of good jokes. “Watch your mouth, she’s only 34-years-old!” Also the Gossip Girl scene when Jenna died of old age. LOLOL.

But just because I didn’t see the other shows doesn’t mean you guys can’t talk about them in the comments. That is what this is here for, doy.