Aziz Ansari Was On Jimmy Kimmel Last Night Talking About Skerrit Bwoy

Oh man, you guys, remember, like, four days ago when no one really gave a shit about late night television because it’s 2010 and we all have better things to watch on our Motorola RZRs? Now, it is almost as if late night television is “the entertainment” from David Foster Wallace’s novel Infinite Jest. People are losing their minds over this stuff! Admittedly, the following clip (after the jump) has literally nothing to do with the Leno/O’Brien scandals. It’s just Aziz Ansari doing a funny interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, whatever that is, about hanging out with Skerrit Bwoy from Major Lazer. Nevertheless. LATE NIGHT, you guys! MY HEAD IS FALLING OFF JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!

This was a pretty good interview, but I don’t know why Aziz keeps saying that Delete Them is a bad dance and how he can come up with a better dance than Delete Them. That is obviously such a good dance no duh, and Aziz obviously couldn’t come up with a better one if he was in a wet paper bag. Delete THAT, sir.