Videogum’s Teen Korner: Dress Up Morgan Freeman

Oh snap bracelets!

What is hanging, dudes who are working hard to correct the mistakes of their less open-minded fathers and grandfathers, and young women who take access to higher education and the free pursuit of careers for granted! Jiggy with me! The winter break has ended and now it is back to work. A lot of adults forget how much work it is being a teenager, and all of the stress that you are under. But Videogum’s Teen Korner understands. Hit the showers!

One thing that’s very important for teenagers to keep in mind, though, is that even though you are becoming young adults and you are taking on more and more responsibility and beginning to take serious steps on the path towards your future, you are still, at least in some ways, just a kid. So have some fun! Ecto-cooler! Obviously, we’re not saying that you don’t need to study for your SATs. You do! Those vocabulary words aren’t going to infer comparative relationships to themselves. But it is important to enjoy your youth while you have still got it. They say that youth is wasted on the young, but it doesn’t have to be!

And what better way to blow off some SA-sTeam than with a really neat on-line game in which you get to…put clothes…on a naked Morgan Freeman body? GIRL POWER!

Oh neat! His suit is sparkly because fashion. I think the best thing about this game is how fun it looks and how much it has its finger on the pulse of WHAT kids actually WANT. Play here. I did:

Looking good, Morgan Freeman! Very normal.

Another thing that is really radicaldude is that they offer HINTS in the event that you get totes stuck. (What?) It’s just nice in this complicated and confusing world to have a (VERY FUN) game where everyone wins. I think we’d probably all like to see a little more of that in the Middle East. Just because we are teens doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking about important issues. Take us seriously! That is what you probably say to your stupid parents who don’t understand ANYTHING. (Thanks for the tip, Tim.)