Late Night Television Finally Has Something To Actually Say

Last night, TMZ reported that Jay Leno is already in talks to not only return to 11:30, but his show will be called The Tonight Show. Perfect. And this exists now, of course. Anyway, on last nights shows, everyone weighed in on the situation, including Stephen Colbert and Craig Ferguson, although Jimmy Kimmel was the clear winner of the evening for doing his entire show in a Jay Leno wig.

Check out Jay Leno! Speaking truth to power, huh? I think the best part about all of his jokes about being fired and/or canceled is how justifiably outraged they are. Conan’s monologue, which you can see here, had less of the outraged fire of the past couple of nights, most of which had been expended yesterday afternoon in Conan O’Brien’s Letter To NBC (hi, GOOGLE!), and was mostly kind of sad. Not pathetic sad, just human sad. It’s like Appollo 13 said: “life is like a box of disappointments.”

Anyway, it will be nice when we can all get back to our lives/trampoline accidents, and it is true that ultimately we are talking about multi-millionaires struggling to maintain their dominance (deserved or undeserved) in an antiquated entertainment format (the revolution will not have its roots in Vaudeville), but you have to admit, this is the most interesting late night television, or even just TELEVISION, has been in a long time! CONAN SHOT JR! (Montage video via Vulture.)