Netflix FAIL

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Admittedly, it’s a slow news day, but I refuse to write about CHANNING TATUM’S DICK. Anyway, Patton Oswalt’s Big Fan is out on DVD today, and I have heard good things but I have not seen it, and so I went, like any American would, to Netflix and put it in my queue. At which point Netflix suggested the following movies to me, not a single one of which seems to have anything (really) to do with Big Fan. I’m not an idiot, I know how ALGORITHMS WORK (that is probably not true), I understand how Netflix could think that any movie that involves a comedian and sports would inevitably lead the curious fan to WATER BOY (or the somewhat more difficult cinematic experimentation of The Game Plan), but also come on, Netflix. You already have computers doing the work for you, so make those computers do it right! At the very least, shouldn’t this list include Buffalo 66? They are both about sad people obsessed with sportsletes, and they both star Kevin Corrigan as Schlubby Friend #1.

This could basically be a Best New Party Game. Surely there must be some other examples of Netflix getting it hilariously wrong. FIND THEM.