Will Somoene Please Design A Self-Potato T-Shirt Already?

I find it almost impossible to believe that three whole days after Self-Potato exploded into our lives, changing us as HUMAN BEINGS, in the year 2010, that there is still no ironic t-shirt commemorating the event available for purchase on-line. Wake up, CafePress! Where you at, Neighborhoodies?! Streets is talking, Hot Topic! You’re trying to tell me that technology allows us to have photorealistic dinosaurs in the hit movie Jurassic Park, but we can’t get a fucking Self-Potato t-shirt off the ground? COME ON, SCIENCE!

And so, as usual, we must do everything for ourselves. That is fine. That is why we are so hearty and robust, because we SURVIVE. Let’s carry the fire and design our own Self-Potato t-shirt, guys! You can find a plain white t-shirt template here.

Now, although we Videogum is clearly ROLLING in Youth in Revolt money these days (Videogum is not not rolling in Youth in Revolt money these days), I can’t actually make any promises about getting the winning design into actual production. Who do I look like, Dov Charney? No way! I own pants, and I treat human beings with dignity! I promise you, though, that if you guys take this seriously, I will do everything in my power to make something happen, if for no other reason than I really want a Self-Potato t-shirt, and all my other clothes have sauce on them.

Make it work!