The Garlic Plants In The Road Is To Keep The Vampires Out, Duh

A local news report from Lawndale, California, examines the pressing issue of some garlic flowers planted in roadway medians. Fair enough. Some residents do not like the smell, and they are urging the city council to spend taxpayer money to have the flowers removed. Again, fair enough. But then the news interviews an actual council member who explains what is what at 1:15:

Oh boy. There are few things funnier in this life than news reporters who think that it is a mark of professionalism to treat the insane things that crazy people say as valid opinions. “Of course, some people may not agree that the noisome garlic flowers are indeed a powerful deterrent to vampires due to the fact that vampires are mythological creatures that do not exist, but let us assume that this is a valid opinion to have on the subject and insist that the debate rages on. Back to you, Bob.” HEY, NEWS GUYS, SOME TIMES THERE ARE JUST WEIRDOS. (Thanks for the tip, Asa.)