Diablo Cody’s Mind No Longer A Selling Point

Wait, there’s going to be a SECOND SEASON of The United States of Tara? Well, there’s going to be a SECOND SEASON of The United States of Tara. Who knew! I did not know that anyone actually watched The United States of Tara, and certainly not enough people to warrant a second season. But I have been wrong about a lot of things. For example, I was almost positive that America would realize that True Blood was one of the worst television shows of all time, but America did not realize that at all. America remains VERY CONFUSED about True Blood. Anyway, The United States of Tara, of course, is the Showtime show starring Toni Collette as a suburban housewife with (mythical) multiple personality syndrome. The most famous thing about the show, at least when the first season started, was that it was created by the Academy Award winning writer of Juno and former stripper, Diablo Cody. (Did you know she was a stripper? A lot of people don’t know that about her, but it is definitely one of the most interesting and IMPORTANT facts about her.) Steven Spielberg championed The United States of Tara, and thus a show was born.

Which is why the trailer for the second season is so surprising:

No mention! Revisionist history! And just a few months ago, movies were being sold (or not sold as the case may be) as the coveted products of a rare genius. Diablo Cody has been downgraded from a Do Not Buy to a Sell! It’s actually kind of weird, because I feel like the only people who are still watching that show have to be Diablo Cody heads anyway, so why not give the Diablo Cody heads what they want, which is a brief mention of Diablo Cody in an ad for the upcoming season of the show they are still watching for some reason.

Also, why does the trailer make it seem like it’s a brand new show? If the world doesn’t need The United States of Tara, what the world definitely doesn’t need is a The United States of Tara REBOOT. Also why am I still talking about this?