The Avon Barksdale Story, Son!

The Avon “Bodie” Barksdale Story trailer, you guys!

Man, nothing says GULLY like a cable access-caliber dramatic re-enactment starring a cast that appears to have been hired off of Craigslist. Like, no offense to Mr. Barksdale, and please do have me whacked, or whatever it is that you say up in the Wast Side towers, but I think there is a problem with the documentary about your genuinely hard and violent life when the part about “rape and murder” featuring a woman getting a branding iron to the face elicits GENUINE LAUGHTER. You crazy for this one, Hamsterdam. (SIDEBAR: Avon Barksdale was also BODIE? Where’s my mind at, String? Huh, String? What happened to my mind?! Oh that’s right: it was blown.)

All of that being said, I’m currently on hold with Fandango. Streets is talking! To Fandango! (Thanks for the tip, Wendigo.)