Your Mom On An Airplane To Phoenix

Hi, mom! Get out of my room!

Normally, I am not a big fan of posting videos of people acting funny when the person acting funny is not aware that they are being videotaped. It is one thing to surreptitiously take the video and privately show it to your friends, but putting it on-line for the world’s decontextualized hate-laughter is the saddest. This woman is just trying to live her life and ride through the air like magic, and her possible mental-illness and/or alcoholism are personal issues not punchlines! Seriously, though, seriously, seriously you guys, enough joking, seriously, I’m being serious here, could you imagine if one day you were on the computer and you found a video on-line that you never even knew existed that had been secretly taken of you doing something silly or embarrassing in public? You would probably walk straight out of the library without even taking a nap in the bathroom! That being said, your mom is hilarious, and if I was riding in an airplane with her I would order The World’s Smallest Video Camera And Drink Holder out of SkyMall magazine so that I could cherish our moment together forever. And afterwards I would become like Jack Shepard in season 5 of Lost, just drunk and disheveled with bleary eyes, riding every flight to Phoenix I could find, back and forth forever, just hoping that it would crash into your mom again. (Via getthatlook!)