Out Hud at Motherfucker

Out Hud (earlier in Stereogum) brought me to Motherfucker for the first time, but it’s something I’d do again, if only because the crowd makes it look like a shared backstage for every other nightclub in New York. When Peppermint, the MC, took the mic, I thought she was going to dispatch the guy who looked like Jack White disguised as Gilligan and the girl with duct tape on her nipples to Crobar. It was like the studio cafeteria stop on the Hollywood tour, with less coke.

Tyler Pope jumps into the crowd and dances

Nic Offer is the subject of 72% of all Out Hud photography, which seems unfair, until he jumps into the crowd and blows away the combined cool of 200 people. Then you start shooting him, too.

Out Hud – “It’s For You” (MP3 Link Expired)

Next: more photos and a question: was that really Out Hud’s last show?

Before their last song, Pope announced that it might be their last show. Does anyone know if that’s true? Brooklyn Vegan has a ton of photos but no facts re: Out Hud’s dissolution. They seemed to be having too much fun for that to be true, but if you know better, post it in the comments.

Out Hud cellist

Molly Schnict, the reason Out Hud moved to New York

playing bass for Out Hud

This one’s not a great photo, but I included it because nobody ever posts pictures of the bass player. He rocked hard but stayed in the background, looking like he’d wandered in, but carrying every song.

Phyllis Forbes on the keyboard

Phyllis Forbes did the lion’s share of the singing, and some work on the keyboard, all of it kickass.

The Synth Guy in Out Hud looks like Sgt. Oddball from Kelly's Heroes which is one more reason to love him

Justin Vandervolgen ran most of the serious electronics, spending half the show with a flashlight in his mouth and occasionally bringing down the house with some breaks. Most of the time, he was staring down at his equipment, as a random sampling of photos from this show will confirm (see Brooklyn Vegan’s photos and Last Night’s Party’s, from which I stole an inset). Then, when he’d look up, I had this flash of recognition but couldn’t figure it out. Then I realized he looked like Donald Sutherland. Then I realized he looked like Donald Sutherland as Sgt. Oddball in Kelly’s Heroes. Wicked!

(if I got any of the names wrong, blame these guys)

UPDATE: Blame those guys! Josh in the comments says that is Nic Offer, not Tyler Pope. Correction made. I guess that means the bassist isn’t Nic Offer … anyone know his name?