The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Michael Cera And JWOWW

Um, what? I know that worlds are been had constantly colliding, but sometimes it’s still surprising. Then again, who WON’T Michael Cera eat pizza with these days?! Dude is a total pizzaslut, I bet. It’s all over the MySpace BulletinBoards, probably. I do love that it seems like Michael Cera is photobombing his own photo. That is what a pro photobomber he is. Where are they, though? The set of a ProActiv commercial? What is going on here? Oh right, that is your job. What is going on here? Leave your captions in the comments. The winner will receive special placement in the FIRST MONSTERS’ BALL OF 2010. (Thanks for the tip, Jeb, photo via @shoogyboomz.)

UPDATE: And here is a picture of Michael Cera with Pauly D. Captions for this photo are not eligible for this “contest.”