How’s Our Driving?

Last year, on January 2nd, when we wrote our first “How’s Our Driving?” post, things were different. For one, “we” actually meant something rather than just being a stylistic flourish that we only use when we’re making grandiose pronouncements about “the site”. But, while the future of Videogum in 2010 inevitably looks different than the future of Videogum looked in 2009, one thing remains the same: our desire to make it the Best. Future. Ever!

The most visible result of last year’s “How’s Our Driving?” post was the creation of the Videogum Movie Club, which is a great success, y/y? But this year I think we can do even better. Please send your suggestions for things you’d like to see on the site. Is there something we’re not covering? Are their shows that we are not watching? Do you have a great idea for a feature that you think would be perfect for Videogum? Let us steal that idea! What about for you guys? Is there a feature that would make your communal nerd cave a brighter and more enjoyable place to spend so many lonely hours? Give us some suggestions! Let’s see what happens! (If you don’t want to leave your suggestion in the comments because your ideas shame you, send them in an email.)

Despite some obvious and unfortunate changes in 2009 that do not even need to be mentioned or discussed because we all know how the world works and how sometimes it is hard, we (read: I) think that Videogum got better and stronger than ever by year’s end, and I think that 2010 is going to be even better. I hope you agree.

But in order for it to be great, WE BETTER DRUMLINE. What? Give us your suggestions!