Let’s Paint, Exercise, And Have A Great, Very Safe Holidays!

The world has changed, I can feel it in the water. Things are definitely slowing down for the holidays. And fair enough. What do you want, some kind of madcap Jackie Chan Shanghai Knights-paced holidays? No. The holidays are about relaxing and spending time with loved ones, not recovering the stolen Imperial Seal of China from the Boxers and returning it to Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Ball (it’s weird if you think that’s what the holidays are about, you guys). So, with everyone finally wising up to the fact that there is Life Outside the Internet, we’re going to be slowing posting down on Videogum and celebrating also. We are, after all, human beings, and not a collective of superclever machines with very sophisticated Joke Chips (for now).

That being said, there will still be some Videogum between now and 2010. Just a much slower posting schedule. Think of it this way: for most of the year, Videogum is a Diet Sprite (one of the fastest drinks) and for the holidays Videogum will be egg nog (a slow drink? This is easily one of the best metaphors of all time, and I wish it as available in stores all year round. [Huhhhh?]). But egg nog is great. So put down the ham every once in awhile and come get some egg nog. Or put down the egg nog and come get some egg nog. (I think my favorite thing about this website is that it just makes sense.)

So let’s paint, exercise, and have a great holiday, you guys. And please, STOP BRINGING GUNS TO SNOWBALL FIGHTS. I am serious about this one. If you look up the definition of “completely unnecessary” in the dictionary (because it’s in there, probably), there is a copy of this video (via TheAwl.)

Have fun! Please don’t die!