Heaven Just Got A Little More Brittany Murphy

Oh jeeeeeeeez. As you probably heard over the weekend, the actress Brittany Murphy is dead at the age of 32. Of cardiac arrest? Of cardiac arrest. I mean, more likely from something that leads to cardiac arrest, but for now: cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest! In any case, as soon as her husband stops trying to keep the state from conducting an autopsy (out of what I’m sure is just pure love for her and not anything to do with the fact that 32-year-olds in general, and 32-year-olds with lots of money and access to health care especially, don’t die from cardiac arrest, and that someone or something probably helped move that cardiac arrest along [maybe] except of course not, not with a husband who loves her this much around) we will know more. But for now, what we know is that this is CRAZY SAD*. I mean, it’s not anymore crazy sad than the hundreds of human children who die every day, or the thousands of human adults who die every day. But we don’t have TMZ headlines about those guys, so for now, let’s let Brittany Murphy’s genuinely tragic death stand in for all of the genuinely tragic deaths. (This guy does NOT know what I’m talking about.) It’s the best we can do. Here she is singing “Boogie Wonderland” from everyone’s favorite film, Happy Feet:

This is the opposite of a Christmas miracle. But we have to take some bad with the good (“we” because of how this is something that is happening to us?). Goodbye, Brittany Murphy. You will be missed. You’re in heaven now, acting in movies sometimes with the angels.

*Somehow it is sadder to me that this is the end to a pretty rough few years that saw Brittany Murphy fall from Actual Movie Star to butt of Late Night Jokes. Between her painfully obvious struggles with her weight, and general appearance (surgery?), and her diminishing movie roles, and her struggles to get back on top, things had gotten kind of shaky. And it’s morally a little awkward to think that that somehow makes this worse, since it’s mostly just sad period, not sad with qualifications. But it is sad, let’s just agree on that part.