Saturday Night Live Christmas Special Open Thread

My DVR forgot (that is how DVRs work, right?) to tape the Saturday Night Live Christmas Special last night. Luckily, the whole thing is on Hulu. Not that I have time to watch it. I’ve got an International Computer Crisis on my hands! But while I am busy gathering a crack team of our planet’s leading Y2K10xperts to tackle the important issue of my computer’s monitor not seeming to respond maybe due–as one friend who knows about this stuff (so basically, a Leading Scientist) suggested–to a corrupted logic board, you can watch it now. And you can figure out if and when they got it wrong. “Hey, wait, you did not include my favorite thing in your compilation of best things!” One of the most classic complaints. Although, while I was waiting on the phone to talk to Professor Future at the Genius Center (huh?) I did watch the opening segment, and I have to say that Gilly’s dance was pretty good. I’m not saying that we have been wrong about this Gilly thing all along. I think we have mostly gotten the Gilly situation right. But good dance. Very festive. XOXOXMAS.