Prepare Yourself For Y2K10

This morning, I woke up and my computer is no longer responding. It makes noises, and you can get the numbers lock key to work (cool!), but the screen is blank and nothing I do changes that. Not that I’m surprised. I knew this was going to happen: Y2K is Y2BACK. I’ve been telling people and I have been telling people: what makes us think that we are safe from this Apocalyptic computer crisis? If you ask me, far too many Americans (and governments) have let their Y2Guard down. I am currently working on a friend’s computer, but it’s probably (probably!) only a matter of time for all of the computers. This friend’s computer is basically John Cusack’s limo in 2012. Sure, I can race against the collapse of the Earth’s crust, and punch this thing through a couple of toppling skyscrapers, but for how long? Eventually I am going to have to abandon it for an airplane that my ex-wife’s husband doesn’t even know how to fly but turns out to be very good at maneuvering through extremely unlikely and scary situations, and admittedly that is where the comparison starts to become less relevant, but still.

Also, this video is how I felt this morning, but in reverse.

Screaming followed by disbelief followed by dead eyes. Irreversible 2: Macbook Pro. Stop playing with me.