The TWSS Archives: Rihanna’s “So Hard” Moment

Date: December 17, 2009
Time: Unknown
Location: Cable/Internet
Source: MTVU
Description: In new music video, artist Rihanna claims to be “so hard” while constantly making hand gestures towards crotch and grabbing said crotch. To be “so hard” is not in itself a TWSS, but considering certain accusations against artist Rihanna, combination of words and visuals may have been ill-chosen. Note: Semantically, may be less of a TWSS and more of a TWHS. Note for historical purposes only: decision to feature imagery of an imaginary, clownish Felt-Shouldered Sex War at a time when world is engaged in more than one Actual War may have been almost as unwise as “hard”-crotch decision. FILE UNDER: Possible TWHS.