This Song About AIDS Is Great (Not So Great)

Phew. I am glad that AIDS is over now. That was a close call! It was hard to get people to stop having pre-marital sex (the main cause of AIDS, I’m sure), but if you just listen to the lyrics you are like “yuck, no way, not anymore.” Did you know that this song is part of a full album? It is Track 7, and it is called “AIDS.” (Although, the alternative title “Stop the Spread of AIDS and…” is also a very good name for a song.) You don’t want to front-load all your hits. An album tells a story.

My favorite part of this video is around the two and a half minute mark when the backup singers stop even pretending like they are lip-synching. They just stand there, looking great. No offense, but I am pretty sure if AIDS was an article of clothing, it would be all of your shirts. (Via Dlisted.)