That’s Your Girlfriend: Routine Traffic Stop Lady

Your girlfriend definitely charmed you with her feminine wiles. You’re the first to admit that. At the beginning of your relationship, it was a game of cat and mouse, but that was part of the fun. She was probably more interested in proving that she could get you than she was actually interested in you as a person. But that was before you guys got to know each other, and before you fell in love, and were a very serious couple, which you are, who makes love constantly. And so it’s not like you don’t understand, now that your relationship has matured into something more intimate but also more predictable that sometimes she wants to regain that earlier rush of a woman deeply in touch with her femininity and sexuality getting what she wants. Ultimately, her flirtation with a cop who pulls her over on a routine traffic stop in an attempt to get out of the ticket is harmless, and if anything, the way she toys with him turns you on.

You are so hard right now! (Yuck. Sorry. But you are.) It’s crazy how she can just turn it on, you know? (Thanks for the tip, Edith.)