This Is Your Dance: The Chevy Volt Dance

JEEBUS H. YIKES! Look, I support the environment as much as anyone (well, not as much as anyone), but I’m starting to rethink my position. It’s not that these guys aren’t great dancers. These guys are very very good at dancing. And it’s 2009, the noble dream of Communism is over, we all have to put food on our families now. But if the only way to get people to reconsider alternatives to their selfish and excessive use of fossil fuels in order to never move their Wall-E bodies is a warmed up Gap Khakis ad from 1997 set to a knock-off Kimya Dawson song (which is also the soundtrack to my suicide note), then I have a feeling we might be better off in 2012 anyway. We can tell these guys that we do not need their services anymore. What’s the point of stopping time if we can’t even stop THIS? (Thanks for the tip, Reed.)