The Best Viral Videos Of 2009: A Retrospective

What a year 2009 has been, you guys. So many people died, or were trapped in balloons, or not trapped in balloons and then threw up on live television. But despite the ups and downs (get it? Ups and downs? Balloon slang!) one thing has been consistent throughout: really great viral videos that were so fun to watch. After the jump, I have posted a montage of the Best Viral Videos of the year. Now, as I pointed out last year, while this compilation is comprehensive, it is in no way complete. There simply isn’t time! We’ve got to keep moving, Lawnmower Man-style. So there are definitely some glaring omissions. Like Royale’s performance of “J-Koko,”, and Raaaaaaaandy, and this short film about delicious burritos. Nevertheless, even without the inclusion of these videos, I feel confident that you will find this montage to be a captivating, thorough, and most of all HEARTBREAKING tribute to this year in internet.


Well played, 2009. Clever year.

Full list of featured videos below:

1. This Guy Is Basically The Best Guy, May 8
2. You Are On Cocaine, February 18
3. That’s Your Boyfriend: California Raisin Face Paint Guy, October 13
4. That’s Your Girlfriend: Cat Massage Lady, August 18
5. Mark Gormley, “Little Wings,” January 13
6. Alright, Jeez, Kittens Inspired By Kittens (Scream), February 12
7. The 10th Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos Infomercial, July 22
8. A Brave California Woman Solves All The Problems, July 24
9. I Call Dibs On Adopting This Kid, February 19
10. Keenan The Lip Syncing Kid Shows Up Live On Chicago Weather Show, March 19
11. Leon’s Boss Plays Him Like A Punk, July 13
12. Pro-Tip: Newscasters, Use Your “Fucks” Wisely, September 17
13. Costume Shop Lady Hijacks Local News Interview (Must Watch), April 9
14. Bangs “Take U To Da Movies,” October 26
–14a. Kids Humiliate You On The Dance Floor The Darndest Things, July 10
–14b. In Defense Of Spring Break Mom, March 17
–14c. That’s Your Boyfriend: Nosferatu Dances To Lady Gaga, May 20
–14d. Rangersss Get Superr Duperr Jerk, September 3
–14e. The Very Best Pumpkin Head Halloween Dance Of All Time In The World, October 29
15. Forgotten Assholes Of History: The “Your Business Card Is Crap” Guy, April 9
16. David After Dentist, February 3
17. Keyboard Cat, 2009