Bag Your Face!

Speaking of catchphrases, this 1982 television segment about a Valley Girl Contest in a California mall introduces an expression that I think we need to bring back.

Oh hi, Fred Willard!

Probably the most interesting thing about this video is how even at the height of Valley Girl’s faddishness, it treats the whole thing like performance art. Even Moon Unit Zappa, the self-proclaimed Queen of the Valls, clearly recognizes this as some kind of self-aware character study. So weird! The contestants on stage can barely keep it together, and the judges are seriously reconsidering the path their lives are on. “Is this a joke? Is my life a joke?” But wait, we are getting away from what is important:

“I think bag your face is the ultimate derogatory thing you could say to somebody.”
–All of our tombstones

Definitely. Let’s never say it, you guys. (Thanks for the tip, Ben.)