This Is Your Music Video: Hawkeyes’s “RUFF DRAFT!!”

For years, hip hop imagery has been dominated by an unrelenting focus on material wealth. Popular artists have worked as hard on presenting themselves as wealthy members of an elite social caste as they have on their actual music. The lyrics vacillate between depictions of athletic, seemingly unending sexual experiments, and laundry list-style descriptions of money spent on goods and services. For better or for worse, this is simply an ingrained and pervasive aspect of hip hop culture. So it’s nice to see an artist like Hawkeyes who bravely introduces a new paradigm. Gone is the obsession with wealth and social status. Hawkeyes represents another kind of hip hop artist. One who shuns fur coats for a dumpy team sweater and Wilson’s Leather coat. One who would rather hang out on a highway overpass, or the basement of his frat house, than fly in a G4.

Basically, your type of artist through and through.