Orrin Hatch (R-UT) Wrote A Hanukkah Song For Some Reason

The nice thing about this video is that the whole time I was watching it, I was wondering “WHAT IS THIS?” but then that guy at the end explains what it is: “all it is is a hip hop Hanukkah song written by the senior Senator from Utah.” Oh, that’s what this is. Total hip hop song, clearly. Wait. No. Nope. This is not a hip hop Hanukkah song. It’s funny, considering how terrible this is, that I was totally willing to let it just be what it is, a weird, well-enough-intentioned*, one-off side project from an actual dinosaur, but then that other dude had to call this a “hip hop Hanukkah song.” I’m not even mad at Orrin Hatch. He’s just a Mormon who loves Jews and hates a woman’s right to choose! But what is that other dude’s problem? Hip hop Hanukkah song. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! (Thanks for the tip, Sammy.)

*”Well-enough-intentioned,” kind of, although traditionally the only reason that Mormons, Catholics, etc, offer vehement support of the Jews and consider the Jews the “chosen people” is because a unified state of Israel is required for the second coming of the Messiah, ushering in the End of Days. So it’s not like he’s just being chill about loving latkes, or whatever. CLASS DISMISSED!