Seriousgum Presents Rachel Maddow’s Interview Of Richard Cohen

Yesterday, I posted a a segment from Rachel Maddow in which the Ugandan government was proposing hate crime legislation against homosexuals based on the “work” of a man named Richard Cohen, who claimed to be able to cure people of homosexuality. Yiiiiiikes. Well, last night, Maddow actually interviewed Cohen, and DOUBLE YIIIIIIKES. The thing is, Cohen is obviously a “nice” enough person who just happens to be full of self-loathing and elaborate delusions, which is sad for him, but wouldn’t be anyone else’s problem if he wasn’t insistent on foisting his self-loathing and elaborate delusions on the rest of the world in book and “therapy” form. And the fact that his writing and the organization he founded are now being used as rationalization for legislated murder is scary and also insane. But you know what is scarier and more insane than a government using the unfounded theories of a self-hating closeted homosexual to promote an official hate crimes law? The dissembling, back-pedaling, and mind-twisting justifications that the self-hating closeted homosexual makes in order to defend his nightmarish agenda. Very scary! Very insane! I mean, I don’t want to SPOILER anything, but one of Rachel Maddow’s questions is “how does race make you gay?”

The “answer” after the jump:


The worst part is that we did this to him. Well, no, the worst part is that Uganda is trying to create violent anti-gay legislation, and that the uncredited work of a sad disaster might help move the process forward. But the second worst part is that we did this to Richard Cohen. We created a world in which he felt incapable of being himself to an impossible degree. Although, I guess it all worked out in the end, now that he is “living his dream.” That’s just a normal way for someone to describe being married to a human woman.